Nov.2012 Sealing a sandstone palace in Dubai

Due to its location by the sea, moist and salty air slowly soaks the stone. After evaporation, the salt remains in the stone causing staining and long-term mould inside the wall due to its hygroscopic characteristics (absorbs the humidity).


The problem was solved after the sealing. The walls were dry and water did not penetrate into the wall. The humidity and salinity in the stone was significantly reduced.


 Reference Sandstone Palace

Sept. 2012 Sculpture sealing in Ontario

"People and the City" Artists Doreen Balabanoff and Stuart Reid

Sealing the sculpture "People and the City" (civic sculpture), in London, Ontario
Artists Doreen Balabanoff and Stuart Reid



  Reference from Prof.Alexander Gabov


Professor Alexander Gabov
(Conservation of Sculptures Monuments and Objects, Canda):

"Our research conducted on CeNano Portol Pro Sealant found the nano-silica coating to be an excellent protective coating option for the "People and the City" artwork. The research included product characterization to ensure the coating¹s purity; water repellency and water vapor permeability tests; color and morphology tests to investigate any change in the aesthetic appearance of coated stone; and empirical tests to evaluate the ease of cleaning graffiti from the stone surface and coating removability.
CeNano Portol Pro Sealant was selected, approved and applied to the entire stone foundation by CSMO in September 2012."

August 2012: Navy Monument sealing in Richmond, Ottawa, Ontario

second layer Portol Pro sealing 2012
first layer Portol Pro sealing 2011

The Monument was sealed twice with CeNano Portol Pro (first time in November 2011, second time in August 2012).






Professor Alexander Gabov
(Conservation of Sculptures Monuments and Objects, Canda):

"CeNano Portol Pro Sealant was found to be the most appropriate protective coating.  Its silica-based nanoparticles created a hydrophobic surface texture while maintaining water vapour permeability.  This, in turn, discouraged microbial growth and created a surface that is easy to clean and facilitates graffiti removal.  Furthermore, unlike the failed graffiti solution system coating, which discoloured the stone and appeared matt, Portol Pro Sealant retained the stone¹s natural surface sheen and colour."


March 2012 Caravan sealing in Scotland

Unbelievable results were achieved at the Caravan Park in Scotland. The images speak for themselves. The total number of caravans is more than 20.000 pieces.


Reference nanotol sealed RV


Caravan before treatment with primer and nanotol sealant......


...and afterwards


July 2011: Nanotol at Munich Airport

CeNano GmbH & Co. KG from Dorfen has carried out tests with the product nanotol® on glass, stainless steel, sandblasted glass and plastics at Munich Airport in July 2011.The objective of the cooperation is the cutback of cleaning costs and the simultaneous improvement of the appearance of objects and the improvement of our corporate sustainability.


Sven Simon, Flughafen München GmbH, facility management:

"The cleaning and evaluation of the tested surfaces in March 2012 has shown that surfaces sealed with nanotol® were significantly cleaner compared to surfaces without sealant. Cleaning the surfaces sealed with nanotol® was even faster and easier.

"The cleaning company has the best benefit, since cleaning is considerably easier now."


 Reference munich airport


Mai 2012: Professional vehicle preparation and care at ASW Kai Winter

Kai Winter, member of the Federal Association for car preperation:

"Currently the best possible deep shine and smoothness".

June 2011: Shop window sealing at T-Punkt

Stefan Thöben, store manager at T-Punkt, Münster-Hiltrup branch:


"Our windows were cleaned twice a month previously. After using CeNano sealant, we found that our windows have never been clean for such a long time. Minor contamination or pollen was easy to remove with a dry cloth. It’s fast cleaning and we don’t need any detergents anymore and have a constant clean window appearance – perfect”.


Reference T-Punkt shop window


2010: Grand Class Hotels and Resorts, Monterrey

The company Nanoteknic sealed windows and glass doors at
Grand Class Hotels and Resorts, Monterrey,
in Mexico, with nanotol. 


The hotel management was pleased about the
70 % reduction of cleaning costs.